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Distribution of polystyrene foam panels

ENERPOR specializes in the production of polystyrene foam panels used primarily in the construction industry.

With many years of experience in the industry, we deliver polystyrene of the highest quality, and our qualified staff provides professional advice concerning the right choice of panels.

As manufacturers of polystyrene foam panels, we have a modern, fully automated machine park at our disposal, which we use to provide high quality insulation materials valued in the construction industry.

Our polystyrene foam panels are manufactured from cohesive and homogeneous materials and have precise dimensions. 

As manufacturers of polystyrene foam panels, we offer a wide range of products. Our polystyrene foam panels have various coefficients, appropriate for different applications and conditions, such as façades, foundations, roofs, walls or floors. 
Our polystyrene panels are designed for thermal insulation in the building industry. Depending on the application, we offer a number of products with different characteristics, such as different classes of reaction to fire, different thermal conductivity coefficients or different strength perpendicular to faces. 
ENERPOR constantly develops its offer to meet the expectations of our customers. We care about the highest standards and quality of our thermal insulation materials. We place great emphasis on ensuring that our polystyrene foam is of the best quality and meets the declared parameters, always bearing in mind safety, as well as applicable construction laws and regulations. 

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