EPS 80 038 ROOF/FLOOR  polystyrene panels are intended for thermal insulation in the building industry, mainly for roofs and floors. These products are specifically intended for:

  • thermal insulation of walls with cladding elements and ventilated air gap
  • thermal insulation of walls in external composite insulating systems
  • thermal insulation of tie beams as stay-in-place formwork under plaster
  • thermal insulation in prefabricated external sandwich panels
  • wall and roof sandwich panels with tar paper and metal cladding
  • thermal insulation of the underside of ceilings in external composite insulating systems
  • thermal insulation and stay-in-place formwork for reinforced concrete ceilings
  • thermal insulation under load-bearing structures
  • thermal insulation of flat roofs
  • normally loaded thermal insulation of walls below ground level with waterproofing
  • thermal insulation of floors under subfloors with normal load normally loaded thermal insulation of floors on a ground with subfloor
  • thermal insulation of walls including BSO, ETICS (light – wet) or (light – dry)
  • thermal insulation of floors in residential buildings with a service load up to 2,4 tonnes/m2


  • Thermal conductivity coefficient 0,038 W/(m·K);
  • Class of reaction to fire  E
  • Compressive stress at 10 % deformation CS(10)80  ≥ 80 kPa


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